Monday, September 2, 2019

Ursula K. LeGuins The Lathe of Heaven and Science Fiction and the Futu

Ursula K. LeGuin's The Lathe of Heaven and Science Fiction and the Future What will happen in a couple of days? a month ? a year? or twenty years from now? The answer is not known. Author Ursula K. LeGuin gives us the answers about the future from her point of view which can be seen through her article Science Fiction and the Future and her novel, The Lathe of Heaven. Ursula K. LeGuin believes people try to control the future they may have when in reality they have no control over the future. Every single day we see examples of people trying to control the future and see the situation fail every single time. Through Le Guins article Science Fiction and the Future, LeGuin uses examples to support her theory of not being able to control the future. First, she uses the Quechua speaking people to relate their perception of the future. The Quechua people view the future as in back of us. What does that mean? I feel that the Quechua people and LeGuins use of the Quechua as an example shows how each individual is ultimately without control. Each person can see what is ahead of them. Each person can see right in front of them consequences of actions ones have made. Each one can see who they currently have in their life. But, if you are looking straight ahead you have no idea what is behind you. Not being able to see anything is where LeGuin proves her theory. If you cant see something, how are you suppose to be able to change it? Many times in life, society as a whole likes to think of having knowledge of what the future may bring when actually the future is just predicted. I think that sometime s it is not good to try to predict the future for we never know if the prediction is really the best thing for us even though we would it... ... way Dr. Haber in The Lathe of Heaven does. Dr. Habers use of power misses the most vital point society needs: change. I prefer to go with the Quechua speaking peoples view of not being able to see your future but being able to make glimpses. I like to think of having obstacles come my way so that I in turn can become a better person. I also believe that challenges in life our good because that is when you see how strong your faith is. If there were no obstacles in the world and only what you wish for, the world is a place that I would not like to be found at. So as for now, and with the many obstacles I will have to face in the future, I will let the God that I believe in decide what my future will consist of. As far as Im concerned, I am safer with letting God be in control because I know he ultimately knows what in fact is the best for me and not my own desires.

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