Friday, September 27, 2019

Technology discuss about ( IGES) & (X3D) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Technology discuss about ( IGES) & (X3D) - Essay Example The researcher compared the results between IGES and Web-Based 3D XML format after carrying the observations. This study collected secondary data was collected prior to the study to analyze and compare with findings of research already conducted in this field. 3D XML is a lightweight XML-based standard. It uses NURBS to represent graphic objects such as freeform surfaces and tessellating polygons. XML schema also includes product geometry, structure, and graphical display properties (3D XML 2008). Enables authors and designers to convey 3D information from various systems using a simpler and more direct syntax than straight VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language (An Approach to Accessing Product Data across System and Software Revisions, 2007) The IGES format is a neutral data format used to transfer the design to a dissimilar system. IGES is a commonly used for data interchange of 2D and 3D CAD model. It is also used to illustrate simple figures of CAD or "drawing" applications. IGES files include parameters of the IGES object such as; its version number, model size, and encoded elements. In March 1994, The IGES Project committee approved the registration of the format as a MIME data type. The above discussion highlights the existence of more advantages than disadvantages when comparing 3D XML to other formats. It also highlights the more advantages than disadvantages of IGES’s. This is mainly because of its comprehensive coverage and user friendly features such as its simple control strategies. It is concluded that advantages of IGES outweighs its

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