Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Interpersonal Commitment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Interpersonal Commitment - Essay Example I worked in an organization a few years ago as an administrative assistant for a firm in the financial services industry. My job duties included satisfying the needs of a staff of 50 employees. Since I had the opportunity to interact with a lot of people in the firm doing work-related tasks I had the chance to observe the behavior of the employees and how they interacted with each other in formal and informal settings. In this company employees were entitled to a 15-minute break every two hours, thus socialization among employees manifested itself lively. The first social rule I learn from my colleagues was to limit social interaction outside of work and during breaks with the managerial staff. My co-workers told me from the start that nothing good could come out of it. The rule was flexible and when the bosses would joke around with us we would treat them as friends. The second week after I started with this company I was invited to a lunch at a restaurant with a group of eight colleagues including the general manager. I was told later that this treat was an initiation tradition every new employee would enjoy and the boss would always pay for the meals of everyone. People in this firm loved the hiring of new employees. The behavior of everyone at work was internally quietly monitored by the employees for social positioning considerations. It was important for an employee to know who is who and which people can be trusted. Employees that attacked the work of others during the meeting or who kept too close a relationship with a supervisor or manager is someone who could not be trusted. The general perception of such an individual was that this person is willing to step over anyone to get ahead in the corporate world at any cost. This type of person would be ridiculed by the group on a personal level. Social interaction at work is a business variable that serves an important function. A staff that gets along and respects each other professionally are a unit that adds value to a company. The human capital of a corporation is an intangible asset that differentiates the pretender from the players in the business world. The experience I had in the financial firm showed me the value of building a work envi ronment in which the people of the company think of their colleagues as people they can trust and communicate in open fashion. When the lines of communication are open work-related problems can be solved faster. I hope my next job has an organizational culture similar to the one I had the privilege to work for in the financial services institution. Â   Â  

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