Monday, September 9, 2019

Preach a narrative sermon based on a short passage of Scripture Essay

Preach a narrative sermon based on a short passage of Scripture applying the learning from the Narrative Preaching Topic to its preparation - Essay Example The word of God in the book of 1Timothy 4:12 reads, â€Å"Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.† As a woman, you may be vulnerable to mistreatments due to world culture of consider females as inferior gender. People may abuse and insult you so that you feel to have a lower and powerless to defend yourself. The Bible encourages you not to allow people despise you because of your youth. The fact that you trust and believe in God establishes the foundation of strength and encouragement. Our God and Jesus His Son promised never to forsake the believers. Our Father is always willing and able to come to your rescue. Even God recognizes that that youthfulness is a moment of strength that people should most of what they desire (Spencer, 2014). Despite of the challenges and problems of youthfulness, God views youthfulness with great reverence. As a believer, you should not struggle to gain the trust of the world. Instead, let yourself be trustworthy to God and your life shall not have any blemish. Do not hate your aggressors or those who betray your trust. God will hear you and will not care about your sex. Ask God to give love, understanding and courage to face your worldly enemies. Just as the Bible verse advises, speak to the believers in love, faith, purity and conduct. You cannot exhibit love, faith, purity, and good conduct if you lack God’s mercies (Spencer, 2014). He gives the qualities to those who believe in Him and walk in His ways. Remember that God’s ways are righteous and pure so that any person who wants to walk in the way must desire righteousness and purity. Do not lose heart for The Lord has you in His heart and will be your anchor, protector and comforter when the whole world attempt to forsake you. In fact, it is better for the world to forsake you because it is then that God will accept you. The ways and the love of the world are

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