Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Mission, Vision, and Value Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mission, Vision, and Value Paper - Essay Example The company is a leading player in the gum and mint category too (Hershey’s Company Profile, 2009). Continuing with the legacy of Milton Hershey, the company is committed to consumers, communities and children by providing high-quality products while conducting business in environmentally sustainable manner. At workplace, the company maintains safety and wellness for the employees fostering openness and inclusiveness making it a desirable place to work. Hersheys believes in sharing knowledge so as to grow together by not only creating an environment of mutual respect but also unleashing human potential at the workplace. In marketplace, the company is committed to consumer well-being as well as fair and ethical business dealings. The company always strives for and creates a positive impact at the local community level where it operates (Listen, learn and act, 2011). Ever since Milton Hershey laid the foundation of the company, the mission, vision and value statements have worked as a guiding spirit for the growth and development of the company earning goodwill among its customers and local communities. The company is ‘open to possibilities’ in all its endeavors, always ready to embrace diversity seeking new approaches. The aim is to achieve continuous improvement in what they do. There is no doubt that the clarity of vision and values has helped the company reach to its present state. In 2011, the company had 15.6% of its sales coming from outside the U.S. and as part of global expansion strategy the company is increasing its investments outside the U.S in the countries such as Brazil, Mexico, India and China. In view of the new growth strategy, the company needs to perform environmental scanning to assess external factors that might affect the Hershey’s in the long run (Sadler, 2003 p181). Numerous risks are

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