Thursday, September 12, 2019

Digital Marketing Case Study 4 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Digital Marketing 4 - Case Study Example Their lifestyle also denotes a proper work-life balance. As per the demographic segmentation, there is increased percentage of middle age group individuals in UK market. Poverty level is considerably low in UK market due to economic stability in the geographical region. Cookery and textile business is utilizing online platform to communicate with target audience (Bea’s Handmade, 2014). Expert classes are designed for students along with production of unique textiles for UK consumer market segment. However majority percentage belongs to middle income group segment and this requires proper designing of communication strategy. Technological developments in UK have been able to transform its business environment. UK government is actively involved in lump sum investment towards research and development activities. Funds of  £4 billion have been allocated in R&D sector. Key developments have been mainly in communication and internet segment. The rapid change of broadband diffusio n has enhanced growth of internet and mobile communications. Technological development has also encouraged transfer of high street shops to online platform. This aspect has been incorporated in the marketing strategy of cookery and textile business. Online platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., is being utilized by the firm to promote products and interact with customer base (UK Parliament, 2015). Governmental support towards developing new communication channels shall be an opportunity for the business in future years. As per the analysis on income distribution in UK market, majority of population belongs to middle income group segment. This might negatively affect Becky’s business to certain extent since individuals would not have high disposable income to be spent on cookery classes or handmade products. Positive impact on the business shall be in the form of governmental support to promote textile products. Culture of UK denotes a proper work-life balance,

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