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French and Indian War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

French and Indian War - Essay Example The Construction of fortresses in the Ohio valley was also a cause of the war. In 1750, a group of Virginian businessmen secured themselves about 500,000 acres in Ohio valley for settlement. This same piece of land had earlier been claimed by Joseph Celeron for France; the French did so to prevent the British from further expanding into the French colonies and, therefore, begun to construct fortresses on Ohio valley, which made, the British suspicious (Santella 45). This move made the British suspicious and they begun constructions of fortresses and army preparations to counter the French. These army preparations can be regarded as the main cause of the war. Different religious affiliations were also a key concern. The French who had earlier settled in America were Catholics, and they felt threatened since the many violent Indians were non Catholics. The Britons had religious freedom and also felt threatened by the French catholic. This was an ideological difference rather than political; it contributed to the war. Economical differences between France and the British also led to the war. Since both the French and the British were traders, need arose to increase the market base. As a result, the two countries fought to acquire more space for trading and also a market to sell their commodities (Calloway 41). Dispute of the confluence of the Allgney and Monongahela River caused the war. The two rivers situated in the present day Pennsylvania and, Pittsburgh were a main concern for the two colonialists; each wanted to take full control. Consequently, a war erupted between the Native American soldiers and the French soldiers. The French lea ders from Quebec sent the military to discourage the Indian from trading with the British people in that region. Massacre of some French by the Indians also contributed to the war; the Indians were colonies of the British. Their soldiers got directions from George Washington to kill the French. This massacre forced George to surrender and withdraw from further fighting (Calloway 43). The British had not formally declared war on France. The British military, leader Duke organized a series of campaigns designed to cease the French rule in North America. The Generals led attacks against the French in the regions where the French had built fortresses; this was done

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