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The Annuncistion by Francesco Bissolo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Annuncistion by Francesco Bissolo - Essay Example This was a celebrated and popular technique employed mostly by the Venetian School. The employment of this technique is palpable in the painting through the use of color richly especially in the room of Mary. The use of soft tonalism is also present in the painting through the light that illuminates her chamber during the morning depicted in the painting (Zirpolo, 23). The painting is rich in shade, and use of bright colors is evident. This technique is appropriate in the message it was depicting since it creates an atmosphere of life and joy that characterized the actual event in the bible. The artist uses the Venetian style brilliantly to this effect through the incorporation of color and light to show the mystery of religion in art. His technique causes the viewers to reflect on the painting since it looks to have an inner meaning, which the viewer tries to decipher. The use of this technique enabled the painter to put elaborate details on the painting. This is evident in the pain ting through the appearance of Mary’s room, and the landscape on the background. The characters faces exhibit the use of silhouettes with both Mary and the angel’s faces are illuminated by the artist’s use of light. The painting was fabricated during a period where Venice was at its peak as a European trade center. This facilitated for the development of art in the city, and one of the notable contributions was the creation of the Venetian School. During the Renaissance eon in Europe, each School was distinguished using its own peerless style that was studied to excellence by the artists (Bourdua and Dunlop, 37). The Venetian style, evident in the painting, was distinct through its style in the use of color and lighting techniques that made its paintings unique. The School also employed the use of the oil medium to perfection through the mastery of its use. This School was also characterized by the interweaving of the Byzantine styles and Gothic influences. This involved the use of rich color creating a festive feel in the paintings. The development of the painting during this period also saw it assume some Renaissance inclinations, which were bolstered by the permeation of Florentine influences, in that the style had extended towards Padua (Duby and Lobrichon, 57). Religion was a key element in the art during this eon. Most of the issues that the artists painted about were influenced significantly by religion. This is evident where the painters depict an event in the bible. This is because life during the period was heavily inclined to religion, and the church had a foothold on the art in the period. The great painters of the time used the pretext of religion to describe the daily life of the inhabitants of Venice. Nevertheless, the School was affected adversely with the diminishing of the position of the city as a business hub. The church also was key in the ebbing of Venetian art, with the feudalism employed by the church during this pe riod (Dubyand Lobrichon, p68). This decline saw titian, one of the great painters at the time, show sighs of crisis in his work in that there was a presence of psychological conflicts in his work. This was because of the different influences dominant at the time and their conflicting interests. The School of Venice boasts some of the greats in the art world during the Renaissance period. The esteemed list boasts of names like Titian, Michelangelo and many more. This shows the

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