Tuesday, August 13, 2019

My Dropout Boyfriend Kept Dropping in Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

My Dropout Boyfriend Kept Dropping in - Essay Example going through the stages of a Goth, an anarchist, and a Marxist. The author maybe does not fully understand what her boyfriend, Terry, believes is the reason why he has to do this. After Conell details Terry’s reasoning behind this choice, she responds by diverting the subject. Instead of asking why he feels the need to live out in the woods, Conell replies that she likes his apartment. Terry’s decision to live like a homeless person has nothing to do with his apartment so the author is take the attention away from living in the woods and focusing more on what he is giving up. Maybe he might have changed his mind if she had provided some valid reasons why he should not live like that. Because the author did not deal with the problem in the beginning stages, this wacky idea was allowed to run and flourish to its natural conclusion. Furthermore, Conell seems to once again contradict herself when she mentions a discussion with a girl from her dorm. She begins the conversat ion by showing her concern for his immediate safety, but after her outspoken friend emphatically dismisses the idea, Conell tries to stand up for her boyfriend. Her reasoning is that he will save a lot of money and that he will feel close to nature. This seems to suggest that Conell has insecurity problems because she is not too fond of the idea herself, but when someone else joins in attacking Terry, she immediately gets her back up and defends him like there’s no tomorrow. Confirming her earlier shock at Terry’s decision to choose to live like this, Conell mentions a book that he gave her on Valentine’s Day, Into the Wild. In this book, a young man starves to death in the Alaskan wilderness. Her warning bells should have been flashing when this happened because it is not a regular occurrence to give someone a book like this on Valentine’s Day, which is a day all about love and happiness. In her defense, she admits that this should have been a clue and t hat she did not prepare for this decision as well as she could have. Conell gives us great insight into Terry’s habits and personality when she describes the time she first met him. She admits that he was a rebellious person, although she concedes that she was attracted to this. The reason for this was that she felt the same way as he did about many things and this allowed her to express her own feelings. She gives the example of Terry wearing eyeliner and attaching a safety pin through his eyebrow; these are classic warning signs of someone who is prone to bucking the trend. The one difference between these two is that they both act their feelings out in different ways. Conell states how Terry is more outgoing, while she is more of the shy type. This seems to suggest that maybe these two are not suited for each other. Conell fails to mention how this contrast in their behavior affected their relationship. Later on, Conell mentions that Terry dropped out of school only months into his freshman year. The only reason that she gives for this decision is that he was unhappy with school, but perhaps it was something deeper; something that Conell seems to brush off so easily. She uses the word â€Å"defended† when asked about this strange decision by her friends. This shows that Conell is not necessarily in full agreement with his choice because otherwise she would have said that she

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