Sunday, August 25, 2019

Policy Implementation and Application Assignment

Policy Implementation and Application - Assignment Example It is important for you to note that, the current ethical standards have brought ethical behavior in our organization to the forefront of public consciousness. Today after getting knowledge of the past, and getting to know the role played by ethics in running a business, the question is no longer, whether ethics is vital, but how to maintain the ethical behavior in an association. I wish to notify you that, how you handle customer related issues as the mangers and leaders of the organization, determines the size of our customer base. I therefore, wish to make an appeal that you exercise the courteous behaviors at all times in handling the issues poised by our esteemed customers at all times. I wish to reiterate to you that, in today’s community, individuals do not at all times do what is right, they may be right aware that doing certain things will bring greater consequences that they would not like but go ahead and perform them. It is, therefore, your responsibility as the le aders of ECG to make sure that the organizational culture supports the ethical conduce and social responsibility. As the ambassadors of our company, you must be the voice that individuals look to, to understand what they are up to at all times. I wish to reiterate that as the top leaders and managers of ECG, you are expected to alleviate vices that are detrimental to the success of our organizational activities such as harassment, discrimination, and abuse of office. You are expected to uphold professionalism in running the affairs of our company at all times. Various aspects of the company such as recruitment and promotion of personnel warrants stringent adherence to the laid procedures. You are expected to recruit personnel into the company with respect to merit and competence. Discipline is paramount at ECG and thus, as the leaders and managers of the organization; you are expected to identify the errand members of the organization, hence subject them to disciplinary measures acc ordingly. It is important for you to note that the conduct of the employees under your respective capacity as leaders depends on your respective management styles. Concerning this, therefore, I appeal for your close monitoring of the organization’s employees to ensure that they adhere to the stipulated rules and regulations. I wish to inform you that, as the leaders and managers of ECG in various capacities, you ought to make it a continual habit to treat every worker fairly. It is important for you to note that fair treatment of the organization’s employees dictates their level of commitment to the activities of the organization. Therefore, try to win the confidence of the employees under your respective leadership at all times whenever you are attending to their needs or interacting with them. Try to inculcate good morals and sense of hard work in all employees at all times. I wish to let you know that, the manner in which the ward of tenders at ECG is done, contrave nes the recommended procedures. I therefore, call upon the members who sit in this committee to portray high professionalism and integrity while handling all the affairs related to the progress of the. Kindly, note that, the ethical dilemmas can cause effects to association’s reputation, and its financial performance. You are expect

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