Friday, August 9, 2019

Analyze a Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analyze a - Case Study Example IMPORTANT FACTS SURROUNDING THE CASE Multitouch technology is probably more flexible as compared to single-touch technology. The technology allows users to perform exceptional gestures using one or more fingers. The technology facilitates users to interact with objects on the smartphone or computer screen without using mouse, clicking buttons or striking keys. In other words, it overcomes the difficulties of using mouse or keyboards and thus enables the users to access and interact with objects on the screen, who are physically unable to grasp mouse (New To The Touch, â€Å"Interactive Session: Technology†). Accordingly, the key advantage of multitouch technology is that users can perform various actions on the screen using their fingers to interrelate with these objects on the screen instead of merely depending on mouse or keyboard. The multitouch technology allows users to browse and navigate internet, zoom in and out images and web pages on the computer screen or smartphone as well as it enables users to shuffle and organize applications on the screen. Another important advantage of mutitouch technology is that students at elementary level are offered with ‘easy- to- use’ computer. Moreover, multitouch technology also provides significant opportunities for commercial sectors. Notably, business consumers can interact and place orders with retailers and make virtual video calls simply with the use of their fingers (New To The Touch, â€Å"Interactive Session: Technology†). KEY ISSUES There are various issues related to people, organization and technology that must be addressed if any business considers systems and computers with multitouch. It is vital to address employees who are not technology savvy as well as those employees who are impervious to change. The cost of implementing and maintaining multitouch interface is also quite high (New To The Touch, â€Å"Interactive Session: Technology†). ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION I t is also crucial to address the organization’s adaption towards technology, its goals and information technology (IT) expertise within the organization. As far as the technology is concerned, it is imperative to address cost associated with implementation and maintenance. Additionally, another course of action should include the fact that employees should be provided with adequate training to handle the intricacies associated with mutitouch interface. Correspondingly, addressing all these components effectively will facilitate the business to avail the opportunities provided by multitouch technology in the best possible manner (New to the Touch, â€Å"Interactive Session: Technology†). Effective leadership is essential for successful implementation of multitouch screen within the organization (New To The Touch, â€Å"Interactive Session: Technology†). EVALUATING EACH COURSES OF ACTION Addressing the issues effectively will enable the companies to avail the sign ificant advantages arising from the use of multitouch interfaces. Multitouch technology implemented within the IT infrastructure of the organizations will enable the management to conduct its business transaction smoothly. In this regard, it can be said that rendering proper training regarding the technology will also allow employees within the organizations to perform their various activities smoothly that would in turn immensely benefit the organization. Moreover, the multitouch interf

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