Friday, August 23, 2019

Critical Adoption Factors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Critical Adoption Factors - Essay Example urity is highly critical factor simply because without it the consumers that utilize MasterCard ® daily would simply switch from using them to utilizing a competitor with better assumed and visible security. The socio-economic factors at play affect hundreds of billions of processing and consumer based dollars every day. Without the ability to project absolute security to its clients it would quickly loose the trust necessary to continue its ability to control such a large financial position. Part of the MasterCard ® approach to maintaining a visible air of impenetrable security is their initiation of series of seminars and training modules specifically addressing security. According to MasterCard Academy of Risk Management or (ARM), â€Å"ARM courses provide best-in-class knowledge and expertise to customers to enhance their risk management capabilities. MasterCard has created a comprehensive curriculum for those seeking to increase their skills and knowledge of fraud and risk mitigation.† (MasterCard Academy of Risk Management, 2011) Obviously, MasterCard takes security extremely seriously, as a result any new collaboration technologies integrated would need the utmost care a nd additional reassurance to the consumer base regardless of status as end user banks or transaction making

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