Saturday, August 10, 2019

Andrei Sakharov Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Andrei Sakharov - Essay Example In the aftermath of the Second World War, Sakharov researched about the cosmic rays and other nuclear related technologies, thereby playing a prominent role in the development of Soviet’s first megaton-range hydrogen bomb. The same nuclear weapons specialist turned a new leaf, when in early 1950’s, he started proposing peaceful utilization of nuclear technologies like for power generation, and then in 1960’s pushed for the reduction of worldwide nuclear arsenal including Soviet Union’s. In that later period only, Sakharov started writing many books, essays and articles, which reflected on his life, Soviet Union, politics and importantly his views against nuclear weapons. His first as well as his path breaking work is an essay titled Reflections on Progress, Peaceful Coexistence, and Intellectual Freedom, which was published in 1968. In that essay, he took stance against the anti-ballistic missile defense system, which was being planned by both Soviet Union and USA, and in a way criticized the policies of the Soviet establishment. Because of this anti-government stance, the essay was first circulated in ‘samizdat’ (rough copies, which were circulated manually).

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