Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Big Four Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Big Four - Essay Example They founded Central Pacific in 1861. They were also responsible for starting the American transcontinental line. Construction of the rail began in Sacramento, California, in 1863 which reached south to Arizona in 1877. The Central Pacific met the Union Pacific at Promontory, Utah, in May 1869. Stanford was born on March 9 1824, and he passed on June 21, 1893. He was an American mogul, industrialist, politician and forefather of Stanford University. He remade himself in gold rush era in California as a merchant. He left the Midwest to become a partner in a wholesale grocery industry created by his brothers. He was slow to speak, a deliberate thinker, and he was characterized by a steady nature that repeatedly provoked his railroad partners. Stanford headed east to lobby for the undertaking and gain biased support for his gubernatorial tender. Stanford appointed Theodore Judah and Doc Strong as nominating committee, and, perhaps swayed by his political gravity, they in turn named Stanford president. It was a insignificant to company mastermind Huntington, who had to settle for vice president and the beginning of bad blood that estranged him from Stanford and drove Judah away from the Central Pacific. Bad choices cost Stanford his governors office by the end of his first term- characteristic was his May decision to appoint business partner E. B. Crocker to the California Supreme Court.Political position had allowed him to funnel state money to the railroad; free from the responsibilities of office, Stanford turned his full attention to railroad duties. In 1868 he signed a million-dollar draft without their consultation, making the company captive to the Bank of California Collis P. Huntington was born in 1821 and passed on in the 1900. He went to California in1849 on news about gold. He had an uncanny intelligence for buying and selling. There he became a partner with Mark Hopkins in a successful wholesale-retail firm that specialized in miners’

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