Sunday, October 6, 2019

Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 13

Report - Essay Example Outlets vary in size and complexity with some providing hot meals while others only provide cold provisions. An atmosphere conducive to purchasing is required, allowing time to browse and a quick checkout service. A full range of appropriate foodstuffs needs to be available to cater for all tastes and cultural requirements. There are usually peaks and troughs in customers, with most requiring service at lunchtimes and morning/afternoon breaks. At these times, there needs to be a smooth service for customers allowing fast purchase of the desired items without having to queue for extended periods. There are many ways to show a service and its supporting elements. This report uses the service blueprint (Shostak, 1984). Although the service appears simple, there are several things going on at once, which are more easily seen in a service blueprint. The following blueprint is based on the distinctions described by Bitner et al (2008). This part of customer service operations falls within the tangibles area of the dimensions of service quality and both the physical evidence and backstage activities of the service blueprint. For Sodexo, it includes the layout of the outlet, the placement of things like the drinks machines, chillers and cold cabinets, and the overall look of the outlet. Customers expect a food outlet to be clean and comply with relevant health and safety legislation to ensure that they do not suffer from such things as food poisoning (Tester et al, 2010). In addition, any food spills should be cleaned up immediately to ensure no-one slips over. General hygiene is also a tangible aspect of service quality, even though it is not a physical item. The Sodexo staff do try to keep the catering area clean, but there are occasions when food spills are not cleared up as quickly as they could be, and this could affect consumer confidence when purchasing items for consumption. The delay in cleaning up spillage can be caused by too few staff being

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