Thursday, October 10, 2019

Learning outcomes assessment Essay

In order to capture the full attention of the audience, the speaker should be sensitive enough in communicating with his audience. I have learned the suitable voice and tone that you should use in order to express the content of what you are trying to say. It was also discussed that the speaker should convey the content of his discussion by figuring out what the audience needs to know and providing them what they need to know. The best way to disseminate this information is by using proper communication strategies and techniques. Using the right words at the right time is one of the essential components that you should always keep in mind. Whether you’re speaking in a formal or informal manner, proper usage of words should always be taken into consideration. Knowing your target audience will also keep you on track in terms of writing. The student will understand how to tailor their writing to readers of different cultures, with different background knowledge and expertise. If you’re able to decipher this and apply it to your written material, your target audience will appreciate the outcome. Moreover, I was able to generate ideas and practices that I should use in writing. Contemplating and arranging my thoughts are basically part of it. But in terms of working with others, I should be aware of their ideas and how to collate it to be able to come out with a better product. I also learned the techniques on how to write aiming for clarity, coherence, correctness, and conciseness. Achieving these factors will make my written material more reliable and interesting rather than writing without direction. Editing my own work is also an important thing that I learned and will apply whenever I will write. If I have incorporated peer and instructor feedback on my work, I will be able to determine in which I should improve. Through this, I can find my strength and weaknesses and build my own goal in terms of writing. Writing isn’t a complex process, it just tests your ability to express your ideas and organize it into a readable material.

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