Friday, October 18, 2019

Negotiations Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Negotiations - Coursework Example This requires an in-depth research on the various cars available that will suit my preference. After some critical research online I have narrowed down the possibilities and there is particularly one that has interested me the most. It is a Subaru and after some extensive research on Subarus in relation to performance and the general lifespan, it is seemingly the best option for me at the moment. Additionally, the dealer selling the car allows for a trade in and also payment in instalments with a significant down payment depending on the car. Therefore, there seems to be several available options for me from the dealer hence prompting the need to go and check it out and have a further discussion with the dealer regarding the Subaru. After a relatively long talk with the dealer on the available deals regarding the Subaru and also other available cars in the yard, I have decided to buy the new Subaru I had earlier on spotted during my search. In the course of our talk, the dealer presented the current offers available ranging from cash to a trade in to paying in instalments after a down payment. Based on my current financial position the only offers suitable are either a trade in or paying in instalments. In both options I have to part with the Jetta, which is a decision I had already made. If I settle for a trade in the dealer has agreed to give me $8800 for the Jetta and paying in instalments requires me to first pay a down payment of $9400. With the down payment, I will get a loan with some manageable though steep monthly payments. However, with this option I have to settle for a buyer of the Jetta from among those who had been contacting me in order to give the down payment failure to which I will be forced t o take the loan at prime with an increment of 5% interest. From among the earlier calls there is particularly one seemingly good prospect with whom I have agreed to meet for a discussion on the Jetta sale at 1300 hrs. On meeting with the

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