Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Marital Rape essays

Marital Rape essays Silent Victims: The impact of Marital Rape It is hard for most to imagine in our own conscious minds being raped by someone that you share your life, home, and even family with. To have the person that is supposed to love you until death do you part to betray you in such a way that is causes psychological injuries to yourself. Let alone to constantly deal with a deeply seated lack of trust in their partners, acute fear, self doubt and the overwhelming reality that this sexual attack is likely to happen again. This paper is going to inform you about the facts and myths, what is marital rape, its causes, the types of marital rape, and the psychological effects it has on women. Marital rape known to many as wife rape is the term used to describe sexual acts committed without a persons consent and/or against a persons will, whether perpetrator is the womans husband or ex-husband. A wife does not have to be putting up a good fight for it to be rape ( according to the law). Some woman have been hurt in the past for not accepting sexual advance from their husbands thus choosing to minimize the harm that could be done to herself by resisting as little as possible. Many battered woman have reported that husbands have demanded sex directly following a beating, as prof that the wife forgives him for beating her. When a woman submits to sex out of fear or coercion, it is rape. It is hard to believe that just 20 years ago no husband could be charged with raping his wife, due to the section in the rape laws called the Marital Rape Exemption. A few myths from the past such as it was believed that when someone marries, consent to sexual intercourse is part of the marriage contract and that marital rape is not as serious as rape by a stranger. Simply put it is just one spouse not being in the mod and the other spouse insisting. Another is that marital rape is simply one...

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