Monday, December 2, 2019

Nursing is an outstanding career that is both chal Essays - Health

Nursing is an outstanding career that is both challenging and rewarding. I believe the infinite reward that one can gain can be successfully satisfied in the field of nursing through the support, and care for others. Though nursing is not for everyone, I believe I have the qualities that are vital for individuals to work in a dynamic environment. It is not only essential to describe why I have chosen to pursue this field, but why I believe I have what it entails to perform above and beyond the demanding and challenging tasks that are necessary in this profession. Knowing there are many different routes to decide in pursuing the profession of a registered nurse, I have taken careful consideration into my options. I am certain that pursuing a baccalaureate degree will suit my wants and needs better than any other option. I believe the baccalaureate degree will absolutely fulfill my need of a challenging and dynamic school environment. I also am certain that it will enable to me grow as a person in every way and enable to me to become a positive asset to anywhere I am fortunate enough to work. It will also enable and empower me to move forward in a nursing career. After obtaining a baccalaureate degree, I plan on obtaining a master's degree in nursing and then furthering on to achieving a license to practice as a nurse practitioner. I plan to do this to open of my doors of opportunity and be able to use my acquired and fortified skills in different ways with more responsibility. Before one can successfully perform the duties as a nurse, I know that it is an absolute necessity to acquire new skills, and strengthen old ones to sufficiently perform the duties of a registered nurse. These skills need to be obtained from an excellent school with an enriched environment of different tasks. I am certain that I have what is needed to succeed in an exigent but stimulating environment. I possess excellent time management skills and am able to multi task in a wide-range of assignments. I use my time budgeting abilit y to successfully balance a Part -time schedule of wo rk and a full-time schedule of high school as well as college . I am able to manage the two on a month to month basis without letting the stress of work interfere with the stress of school and vice versa. Not only does ba lancing school and work require an individual to possess time management skills, it is essential that one must also able to tackle a large workload in a timely fas hion, and without too much difficulty. I definitely possess that quality to be able to tackle any workload that comes in my path. I do not and will not let any obstacle that comes my way stop me from doing so. In addition to tackling large workloads, to be a successful student, especially for nursing, I believe it is imperative to have the proper social skills to coherently and positively interact with peers, students, co-workers and faculty. I love interacting with people at school and work, and I take pride in my ability to effectively communicate with others. I also believe that being able to cope with changes in a dynamic and vigorous environment, with a receptive view in being open to new ideas every day is also crucial in being a successful student. I exhibit this quality as well and am always open to learning new things. In essence, I am absolutely certain that nursing is the career that I want to pursue. It will quench my thirst to help others, and to help improve individual's lives. I am with no doubt confident that I have the qualities that are needed to not only be a successful student in nursing school, but to be an excellent asset as a practicing nurse. With dedication, motivation, and new abilities acquired, I plan to help improve individual's lives and educate them to be able to keep improving.

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