Thursday, July 25, 2019

Reflaction paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reflaction paper - Essay Example I will ask them about what they feel and think about this exchange of roles. Though many in China have been influenced heavily by western influences, the traditional structures of the family have remained intact along with the norms and culture. The traditional and modern Chinese families are the same in values and morals. The roles, statuses, culture and values remain the same despite rapidly changing technology, innovation. The Chinese still maintain very clear-cut roles, rights, values and moms for men and women. Though a few things have changed such as the freedom to choose one’s spouse, the same cultural values and taboos apply. The family values are still a heavy focus and are cherished, honored and respected. This is true in the modern, urban and rural environments. I do not see anything different in the western definition of wife from Judy Syfers â€Å"Why I want a wife†; description of the Chinese’s wife and the kind of wife she is describing in the west. Though Judy writes to complain and bemoan the â€Å"wife† in the we st it is atypical of the Chinese wife’s reality whether she lives in the west or in China. â€Å"I want a wife who will take care of all the social details of my life† (p.61) is universal. The expectations on gender roles are very conservative in Chinese culture. The relationship between a boy and a girl is expected to lead to marriage and is therefore expected to follow the rules of marriage. If a boy goes out to dinner with a girl then he is expected to pay for the dinner and not doing so will make him loose â€Å"face" and social status. This makes a person to be regarded as a poor dating candidate and so it was very hard for my boyfriend to accept for me to pay for the meal. I have never paid for my own meals in my life form my own savings. The money that I use for buying things is from my father and so even if he is not

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